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Your image is your brand, let me take it to its best potential.


I graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in photography.


From my graduation to the present I have had a camera in my hand more days than not. I started my career as a photographer for the Playboy Hotel and Casino and then quickly opened my first studio.


Being a working, professional photographer for over 30 years I have photographed people from inside doctor's offices to New York's Central Park, from mansions to small apartments. My product photography has ranged from cosmetics, cocktails, cigars, and jewelry to dog food, microprocessors, and tractor-trailers.


Not only can I create beautiful and impactful photographs for your business I can also help with launching your next advertising campaign from concept to execution. I can create and design marketing materials for your company including advertising spreads for US and international trade publications, direct mail pieces, customer-facing point-of-sale displays, and trade-show booths.



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